About – Englisch

Birth 6. July 1955 in Prague
Religion roman catholic
Nationality german
familiy status married with five children
Profession photo model, fashion designer
Languages German, Italian, Czech,
some Englisch and Russian
Hobbies Antiques restoration of old laces and tapestries, history, natural medicine, gardening and cooking
Sports fencing, archery, swimming, cross-county skiing and bike riding


Charisma, professionality and flexibility are my strengths

I have been working for over twenty years with Professor Zdena Bauer, long-time director of the Design Department at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague. Our joint work was concentrated on producing clothes of a timeless feminine style, many of which I modelled in my exhibitions. Thanks to our fruitful work I am in posession of dozens of made-to measure classic suites and dresses which can be worn for shootings if required.